Digital Humanities

Digital humanities is the spread and sharing of experiences, obstacles, happiness, culture, ideas and other characteristics of humans through text, photos and videos posted online, serving as a virtual representation of their life. Technology has become an efficient way to access information. Through technology it has become easier to find prior references that could be impossible to access if they weren’t saved and shared. For instance, if there was only one hard copy of The Constitution how would we be able to gain our historical knowledge? Because of the easy access provides, individuals can obtain the transcript of The Constitution in a matter of seconds.

Without the aid of digital humanities, individuals would find themselves searching through billions of files in order to find the documents or sources they’re looking for. It has become very convenient for individuals to easily access sources of accurate information from the past through the internet. For instance, in Guantánamo Public Memory Project, they have provided different information regarding different experiences people have encountered while at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Having this collection in one piece of writing makes it easier for people to access it through the web. Digital humanities has become a great source in today’s life and is a great tool for exposing individuals to information from all around the world.

4 thoughts on “Digital Humanities

  1. It is true that with digital humanities, technology has drastically improved. Today, people can attain any kind of information they please, any time and any place. Although, this may not be beneficial to our learning processes. As seen in the second photo entitled, “Prehistoric Googling”, the girl is seen bending over looking through hundreds of filing cabinets to attain information. Through hard work and dedication, information will stick to our minds more efficiently than simply looking up answers on the Internet. The idea of Digital Humanities is more efficient and convenient, but is it helping every aspect of our learning process? Perhaps not.

  2. I agree that digital humanities offer a huge amount of convenience in researching a specific topic. I think that it offers a wide array of knowledge in a huge database that can be accessed at any time. In the second photo, the girl seems to be wasting a lot of time searching through filing cabinets. Although the information may stick at the end of the day, she will have wasted a lot of time filing through information that will not be beneficial to her. I’m a firm believer in opportunity cost, and she can potentially research even more with the time she has saved using the digital humanities. Technology continues to prove itself as extremely beneficial to humans, and the digital humanities are no exception.

  3. Digital humanities have in fact offered us an extreme ease to access a world of data that we can not quite comprehend without much trouble. While I can tell you how much I agree with what you are saying, think about the negatives of this new digital world and how this world should be regulated. With hacking skills at their finest and global groups such as Anonymous and even those like Julian Assange – they are transforming the digital world into a dangerous one where you can never assume that the information that you contribute to this world is fully safe. Anonymous’ goal isn’t to harm but after following their actions in the past and what they are capable of doing to prove a point in the digital world is jaw dropping. Although I don’t have suggestions to improve this digital world, we need to think of ways to make this world a safer place and not allow those with the immense power to take advantage of the society online.

  4. I think that digital humanities is a great thing in this world. Without digital humanities we would be wasting so much time looking things up and reading pointless articles and books to never actually find what we are looking for. People can criticize it for being the “easy way” to look things up or get stuff done, but in today’s world time is of the essence. As technology advances, so do we with how we use it and not be so “old school.” As you can see in the picture the girl is wasting a lot of time looking for what ever she’s looking for, when she could be using the present technology of digital humanities and looking up what she needs and saving time. Overall, people can hate on digital humanities, but lets face it we have to keep moving with the times in order to succeed.

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