The “Taste” of Beyonce?

Taste. This simple word can speak volumes, especially when it comes to music. Music is so diverse and versatile that it cannot be defined under a level of taste. I cant define a certain type of music as tasteless because others might view my favorite music as tasteless too,  so there is a cycle of love and distaste for music that is never ending.

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Single Ladies by Beyonce was a worldwide phenomenon. People everywhere were singing her song and imitating the infamous choreography. Literally millions of fans posted videos to youtube dancing ; even President Barack Obama was caught on tape doing the “put a ring on it “ hand wave. It seemed to captivate the world. However, there were some people who viewed it as distasteful and provocative. She’s gyrating and pelvic trusting her body, in a provocative black leotard with high heels, for three minutes in front of a camera.  Beyonce has “dangerous curves” which add to her sex appeal, but some people feel like she could’ve had the same appeal without the sexiness.

beyonce-single-ladies single ladies

Beyonce as an artist has had an exemplary career. She has become a household name and an role model to all woman about independence, confidence, and sexuality. She conveys that in her music. The song is about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend of three years and now she’s wiping off her tears and going out to the club to find some one else. He sees her there dancing with the other guy and she says “ If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it. “ This is a message to both sexes: To men, they shouldn’t wait to propose to their girlfriends. If they love her then they need to “put a ring on it.”  To women, they shouldn’t waste time with a man that wont comit. If he cant comit, then move on.

I believe that if you are a Beyonce fan, you have taste because she is an amazing artist who doesn’t overly sexualize herself or her performance. She is a  woman who has integrity and respect for herself that can be seen in everything she does. Among the female artist in the music business she is seen as the “model” for all other artist to become. She is a model celebrity for taste and class.

5 thoughts on “The “Taste” of Beyonce?

  1. As one of Beyonce’s most popular songs to date, it is the music video that captures all the attention. I am sure young guys like myself don’t mind the explicit content shown in Beyonce’s video. I think you really can’t criticize her work considering she has become an icon in the music industry. She is just letting out her emotions and showing the world what she’s truly made of. Her message through this song is one that she wants both men and women to think about. Through the eyes of Beyonce, she wants her music video to be big and one that no one forgets. I agree with your point about the word “taste” because no one should judge what music you like. It is one’s own personal decision that should not be contested by someone because it not solely what they listen to.

  2. I think it’s very interesting how you show the differences between Beyonce’s intentions for the song and how the public actually perceived the song. You describe effectively how the song has both an implicit and explicit meaning. There is both a personal story to the song, as well as Beyonce’s advice to others. People will always interpret and perceive music differently. Although people may believe that Beyonce can capture her message in a less “flashy” way, one has to take into consideration that the world has evolved. Beyonce will relay her message the way that she wants to relay it. People cannot judge her work simply because it is different from what they perceive as normal. Music involves personal choices, and I really liked the way you captured this idea.

  3. I agree with Beyonce’s message in her song “Single Ladies.” Personally, I do not see the point of being in a committed relationship unless there is a prospect of marriage or long term commitment. Many times it has been said “You’re not getting any younger,” and I agree. Perhaps marriage is not in my future, but I do not see the point in wasting valuable time being in a relationship that is doomed to fail. I may not be the biggest Beyonce fan, but I do agree with her message. This song is straight forward as well, since there is little room for misinterpretation. Beyonce is indeed an icon, and though her lyrics are simple, they are rather powerful.

  4. I agree with your point on the word “taste” and Beyonce’s overall message in “Single Ladies”. However, I disagree with your belief that one has taste if he/she is a Beyonce fan. From what I’ve been witnessing, on the internet and ‘the real world’, the obsession with Beyonce has become SUCH a bandwagon. I don’t think male fans even so much really listen to and enjoy her music (perhaps as opposed to females); she’s really regarded as a sex symbol among the male population. I do think Beyonce is gorgeous and extremely talented, however the obsession the public puts out is quite overrated. It’s always “Queen B” or how she “slays”, etc, which is very true considering the sucess of her recent surprise album – however, while it is an entirely new way of releasing music, the reactions are overdone in my opinion; I believe the ‘surprise’ is what in fact intrigued and sorta convinced people to buy the album. Beyonce is very artistic and as mentioned before, an amazing artist, however it seems she is someone who everyone ‘automatically’ likes and this largely has to do with her physical appearance, second comes for her actual talent. With all this, she really is iconic is the music industry today and is someone many young aspiring female artists look up to. I do believe Beyonce speaks for women (as in the message of Single Ladies for example) and I find her to be a role model for young ladies around the world. She is someone that women can look up to, as proven by her success, and has become of the most notable talented female stars of our generation. As Anderson Cooper once said, “It is Beyonce’s world and we are just living in it”.

  5. I think most music has taste whether people respect the song and artist or not. Even though some people think Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and subsequent music video is too provocative, it definitely functions as social commentary. As you mention, she sends the message that men should commit to their girlfriends and propose. She also tells women to go out and find a new man instead of waiting around for someone who does not commit. I think the “sexiness” she displays in the video should not interfere with whether the music has taste or not because the song and its social commentary should speak for itself. I also do not think that taste should have to do with if one likes an artist and her music or not, but if one can recognize if a song has taste based on its content.

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