Digital Humanities: Exploring New Media’s Influence on Scholarship and Digital Media

To me, the idea of digital humanities involves using computers and technology to conduct research about the cultures and behaviors of various places throughout the world. I think the digital humanities allow people to learn about topics and visit places without leaving the comfort of a computer or mobile device. One website mentioned by Prof. Urban that supports this idea is “an online exhibition his class created called ‘Chinese Exclusion in New Jersey: Immigration Law in the Past and Present’ now housed on the New Jersey Digital Highway webpage.” This website gives the viewer a museum like feel in learning about Chinese exclusion in the comfort of their own home. The website provides a vast variety of images regarding Chinese exclusion along with other information and analysis.


When I went to Italy this past summer, I visited the Vatican. With a little research, I found out that the Vatican had an online exhibition for a great amount of all of their exhibits. Rome is a huge attraction, and tourists are magnanimous. At times there were so many people, I actually did not get the opportunity to see some of the exhibits. I relied on the online museum to learn even more about the Vatican as well as Italian culture to make the most out of my trip. There are pages upon pages of interactivity on the site, and one can learn a great deal about the Vatican without ever having to visit Italy. Digital Humanities allow people to access a great deal of information extremely quickly, and it can really be beneficial to those conducting research or just general curiosity.

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