Freedom and the Digital Frontier in the World of Journalism

The digital frontier today has completely changed the world of journalism.  The subject of journalism has gone far beyond just the local newspaper being printed each morning and tossed onto driveways.  Today most people retrieve the news and hear about new news stories on the internet before the story is even written for print. 

Thanks to the help of social media journalism has enter the digital frontier with its very own sites and incorporation of media tools to only enhance the stories and coverage surrounding the news. The use of twitter allows for different news sources to post and share breaking news to millions within seconds.  Facebook has gone from sharing personal information and thoughts to people sharing and posting links to different news articles that range from serious news articles to comical news satires.  There are even sites that are designated to only news coverage such as Cover It Live, a website that allows you to use tweets and posts regarding a topic to create a news story full of interactive links.

In today’s day in age, the average journalist has a world of outlets to forward and translate the news to their audiences.  There is much more to learn in the world of journalism as well.  Many journalists today need to be able to learn skills that branch beyond just writing for print media.  They have to be familiar with sites such as Twitter, and CoverItLive and also understand how to strategic post and share their story for the best sharing quality.  Today, journalists spark the news and the audience shares it and passes it along different branches of social media.  It’s fair to say that the evening news isn’t the same reporting as it use to be.

The emergence and use of new forms of media in the world of journalism opens up a door of freedom for reporters to choose how they will report and share the news they wish.  The approach and style of incorporating different media aspects can influence how a story is released and influenced by the desired audience.  With such freedom comes a new style of competitive nature in the world of media journalism to develop a style that utilizes all that the internet has to offer and spreads the news quickly and effectively. 

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