Intelligent Women Transforming Into Stupid Girls – The Retrogression of Society

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” – Alice Walker

Female adolescents are extremely vulnerable to the demands of society, and without proper role models and goals, their aspirations become skewed, and the days of dreaming of being a brain surgeon or the president dissipate. No longer do young girls seek to use their knowledge in a productive manner, but instead, they wish to appeal to men and society as a whole. Nowadays, women aren’t happy with their bodies to the extent that they are willing to destroy it in the quest of attaining beauty.  P!nk’s goal is to send a message that women should not strive to be objects of desire, but instead, they should maintain goals and stop worrying so much about what total strangers think of them. Listening to the song “Stupid Girls” as a young girl truly had an affect on me and presumably millions of other girls my age. To have a strong, female role model speak to her fans and state that every girl is worth something more than just her looks was empowering. P!nk embeds the message regarding this pressing matter in a satirical and light hearted manner, maintaining the audience’s attention while giving them something catchy to sing along with.

P!nk addresses this societal crisis in accordance to the following video, which displays facts and figures about women and the struggle they face as the result of media influence.

Being stupid is not cute; acting as a doormat for men AND women is not cute; destroying your body to be skinny is not cute; blindly following the advice of self-absorbed and mindless strangers is not cute.

But you know what is cute?

Being yourself; possessing copious amounts of intelligence; aspiring to something greater than a “hot body.”

Why aren’t women respected and placed in high-ranking positions in society? For God’s sake, women comprise of 51% of America! We make up more than half of the US population, so why are women just seen as mindless, submissive beings instead of an intelligent and powerful gender? Something must change, for if women and men of today blindly abide by what the media expects in a woman, nothing will ever change and women will be eternally regarded as objects instead of intelligent human beings.

One thought on “Intelligent Women Transforming Into Stupid Girls – The Retrogression of Society

  1. As a female, I completely agree with this. Many females are encouraged to change their appearance and alter their true self in order to fit societal expectations. Looking a particular way, dressing with the best clothes or being a certain weight is something that females often stress. Being able to have someone like Pink, a popular artist, express her ideas and thoughts on this subject is very important. She helps females gain some confidence to accept who they are. Being able to focus on self conscious verse what society expects is very important. How others view you is not as important as one views themselves.

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