The Digital Humanities and the Knowledge it can Preserve

My personal Digital Humanities Definition

Digital humanities: devoted to understanding the many ways in which digital platforms increase our connectivity to the world economically, socially , and how we can benefit. I attended an information session about the program for Media Culture Studies; it seemed to teach one how to use features of the internet,  such as blogging.  My interest ended at that point, because I have never blogged and lacked curiosity.

During the discussion in class we talked about digital literacy as being able to navigate all of the opportunities on the web, such as blogging. My definition is a little different because I tried to think about the benefits of the Digital humanities, rather than just the process

The site I found seems to define the digital humanities as an open source of scholarly communication.  My definition does not seem to cover this.  I have forgotten that one can benefit from the digital humanities intellectually as well.  My definition is tied to connectivity and social advantages of business, not education.  This online Journal has different volumes of information about the digital humanities; some selections brought me to diagrams about analyzing and writing a paper. I selected a journal, and read the following article: “An Electric Current of the Imagination: What the Digital Humanities Are and What they Might Become,” by Andrew Prescott, from the Journal called Art. Prescott discusses how the digital humanities has become an intellectual movement, which began with the digital imaging of books.  He goes on to discuss poetry and displays a picture, creating a digital representation of the Internet.  This person’s interest lies in preserving all knowledge in a few thousand petabytes (a petabyte is a quadrillion bytes of memory).  I suppose this is an avid goal of the digital humanities, to make knowledge accessible to all, online, as opposed to locked up in libraries all over the world.



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