Homeschooling: a new and better way to nurture your kids

The seeds of homeschooling has grown since 30 years ago until today. In 1969 Raymond Moore, a former U.S. Department of Education employee, has laid a greatest populist educational movement. Until today, it has given 2 million kids a good education, and a rich family life.
There are several reasons why I think homeschooling should be popularized, first of all, I have to say, at public schools today, discrimination and bullying are still very serious problems. A lot kids who went to public schools claimed that they have been bullied in some kind of ways by their peers. Kids have to act like anyone else, and to act as the “mainstream”, or they will be considered weird or abnormal. From a documentary film called “Bullied”, which is directed by Bill Brummel and Geoffrey Sharp, it is can be learned that every day, thousands of gays and lesbians are being verbally and physically harassed by their classmates, and they have no ways to stop those tortures. A lot of them choose committed suicide to stop the nightmares, however, other than quitting their lives, there is always another option, that is quitting school.
Homeschooling stops kids from bullying by their peers. While every day’ life is about being bullying by others, how can kids actually focus on their school works? When kids quit school, and not to worry about being harassed by others, homeschooling is a better way to actually learn stuffs. Kids are punched, spit on, shunned, beaten up, vandalized, robbed and stripped at school, suffering those kinds of physically bullying, I do not think this insecure environment provides them with a good place to study.

According to Brian C. Anderson, in his journal “An A for Home Schooling”, “The No. 1 reason that most families first decide on home schooling these days, surveys show, is dissatisfaction with the academic quality of the public schools”. People may argue that parents could send their kids to private schools, however, not every family is able to afford the expensive tuition that a private school costs. Homeschooling would be another option for parents to have their children receiving higher academic quality, also makes it affordable. This year, the kids who were home schooled swept the top three places on the National Spelling Bee, and Stanford accepted 27 percent of its home-schooled applicants are the best silent, eloquent examples to represent how beneficial homeschooling has become.
Many parents want their kids to be more creative, flexible, and engaging than a school day they see as factory-made. Nowadays, the ways school teach are more square-toed than ever. Students are required to take classes that they are not interested in, and their talents are not discovered, or used at the right place. However, studying at home provides them with flexible time, they can focus on subjects that they are actually interested in, and whenever they are sick, they can have several days off. However, when students at school are sick and do not go to school, they are going to miss a lot of stuffs that they are supposed to learn. Studying at school is just lack of flexibility, and creativity.
The joy of family is lost when kids go to school. Kristin Sposito from Oregon, Portland decided not to send her kids to school, she says that, “The children were mouthy; family relationships grew strained; the joy of family life was somehow lost; and the children were none the better for it.” The relationships between parents and kids who go to school are actually becoming worse. Kids go back from school at night, then start doing their home works, there is no time left for them to really talk to, or communicate with their parents with their day lives, and school lives. However, home schooling seems to be a key to solve this problem. Kids tend to have better relationships with their parents, and it’s also becoming able for them to have family trips whenever they are ready to.
Parents are concerned about that teachers from schools are not qualified enough. “In New York, even parents in the best districts complain about overcrowding and about teachers, who, however motivated and skilled, have their hands full managing the unruly few who can reign in some classrooms.”(Lisa Miller, Homeschooling, City-Style). Those kids who are unevenly intelligent, intensely shy, immature, or in need of a flexible schedule to accommodate their professional acting or dancing or musical careers need teachers that are more responsible and patient. So more parents choose to select teachers for their kids themselves, to have a better fit.
Some people claim that kids who study at home tend to be shyer, and less willing to get in touch with others, however, the truth is that kids are more capable to make friends. Kids who study at home require them to be more open, to be more willing to talk to people, and make more friends whenever they can, because when they feel they need it, they are more urged to do it.

From 2003, the number of children being home schooled has grown numerously tells us the advantages of homeschooling becomes more obvious. Homeschooling is a new and better to start giving kids better lives, and makes them more intelligent, open and creative.

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