Gun Rights

Possession of gun has been and always be a controversial issue in our society due to the fact that it can lead to series of catastrophic events, yet at the same time, it serves as a necessary tool to protect us from being involved in life-threatening incidents. This concerning issue has led to the discussion of whether possession of weapon is ethical or not. In my perspective, people having a right to own a weapon, a gun in this particular issue, should be legalized due to the following reasons

The first reason why possession of gun should be allowed in the states is that guns don’t necessarily kill people. In other words, “people” kill people. Gun does NOT kill people. Even though gun is the best option out of all of the weapons combined in a way that it takes less time to get the job done, it is imperative to know that gun is only being used as a tool to threaten others not necessarily to murder a human being.

The second reason why gun should be legalized in the states is that if not mandated, this is a violation of U.S. Constitution. According to the U.S. constitution, the 2nd amendment clearly states, ” A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Although the context of this amendment may applied differently in the 21st century, It suggests an idea that  human should be allowed to own weapons to protect themselves. This concept also leads to a notion of ‘self-defense’, which is an idea that people have responsibility to protect themselves if threatened.

Finally, possession of guns does not lead to increase in murder or crime rates. As matter of fact, mandate of gun possession may lead to a total opposite results that norm would not expect. According to the, Dr. Arthur Kellerman notes an observation that he sees in European countries that allow gun control. Kellerman further states, “one of the foremost medical advocates of gun control, Switzerland and Israel, have rates of homicide that are low despite rates of home firearm ownership that are at least as high as those in the United States.” This data conveys the fact that there is no correlation between access to guns and crime.


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