The Concept of Home (Spring 2014) – “Leaving Home”

Drawing on readings and classroom discussions exploring the economic, social, cultural, and emotional dimensions of “leaving home,” these posts – created by students in the American Studies course “The Concept of Home” – examine the different nuances and facets of this concept.

Their analysis was informed by the following readings:

  • Amy Kaplan, “Manifest Domesticity,” American Literature 70 (1998).
  • Margaret Crawford, “The Company Town in an Era of Industrial Expansion,” in Building the Workingman’s Paradise: The Design of American Company Towns (1996).
  • K. Tsianina Lomawaima (Editor), Brenda J. Child (Editor), Margaret L. Archuleta (Editor), Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Experiences, 1879-2000 (Heard Museum, 2000).
  • Susan Matt, Homesickness: An American History (Oxford University Press, 2011).

2 thoughts on “The Concept of Home (Spring 2014) – “Leaving Home”

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