Introduction to American Studies (Fall 2013)

This page displays the assignments ASMCP students will complete.  Each post on this page is distinguished in the title by the event that inspired the assignment.


Student Assignment for “Digital Humanities: Exploring New Media’s Influence on Scholarship and Digital Media”

In posting for this assignment students will need to revisit their notes on the presentations by Professor Andrew Urban and Plangere Media Tutor Jessica Gonzalez.  What is your working definition of the Digital Humanities?  Choose one of the sites Professor Urban shared (the links to these sites can be found on the Media Culture Lab blog Home page) and discuss how it either supports or complicates your personal definition.  Then locate a site of your own that you think displays Digital Humanities work and explain your choice.  This post does not need to be more than two paragraphs.  Finally, find another blogger’s post you find engaging.  Make an insightful and respectful comment about the ideas being expressed to further the conversation.


Student Assignment for “Freedom and the Digital Frontier”

In posting for this assignment, students have the opportunity to comment on Professor Andy Urban’s post “Freedom and the Digital Frontier” (the post can be accessed here) for 1 extra credit point, or they have the option of creating their own posts for up to 5 extra credit points, in which they use media and embedded links to explore their own understanding of how freedoms work on the internet. They could address, among other things, the freedom from corporeal identity that the internet allows, freedom of access to media, and the freedom to travel -virtually that is – between portals of information, consumption, etc.  A successful post will generate a multimedia conversation, including images, videos, and other websites that further a defined argument.


Professor Urban Music Lecture Assignment

Professor Urban’s lecture on thinking critically about popular music asked students to consider its potential for social commentary, facilitating the acquisition of social and cultural capital, and as a site of exchange. (Review the playlist here).  Choose a song of your own that addresses at least one of these methods in which we address the meaning(s) of taste.  As always, your post should utilize multimedia, including embedded links, images and, especially for this post, a video that allows readers/listeners to experience your song.  Analyze it just as thoroughly as you would a written or visual text   Discuss the lyrics, sonic qualities, and historical context (this includes citing the song’s year of release).  Picking a song that you personally connect with will give you the opportunity to create a more nuanced argument.  Students will receive 3 points extra credit for an original post and 1 point for commenting on another user’s post.  Please email Chris once your post and/or comment is completed.

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