The “Taste” of Beyonce?

Taste. This simple word can speak volumes, especially when it comes to music. Music is so diverse and versatile that it cannot be defined under a level of taste. I cant define a certain type of music as tasteless because others might view my favorite music as tasteless too,  so there is a cycle of love and distaste for music that is never ending.

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Single Ladies by Beyonce was a worldwide phenomenon. People everywhere were singing her song and imitating the infamous choreography. Literally millions of fans posted videos to youtube dancing ; even President Barack Obama was caught on tape doing the “put a ring on it “ hand wave. It seemed to captivate the world. However, there were some people who viewed it as distasteful and provocative. She’s gyrating and pelvic trusting her body, in a provocative black leotard with high heels, for three minutes in front of a camera.  Beyonce has “dangerous curves” which add to her sex appeal, but some people feel like she could’ve had the same appeal without the sexiness.

beyonce-single-ladies single ladies

Beyonce as an artist has had an exemplary career. She has become a household name and an role model to all woman about independence, confidence, and sexuality. She conveys that in her music. The song is about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend of three years and now she’s wiping off her tears and going out to the club to find some one else. He sees her there dancing with the other guy and she says “ If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it. “ This is a message to both sexes: To men, they shouldn’t wait to propose to their girlfriends. If they love her then they need to “put a ring on it.”  To women, they shouldn’t waste time with a man that wont comit. If he cant comit, then move on.

I believe that if you are a Beyonce fan, you have taste because she is an amazing artist who doesn’t overly sexualize herself or her performance. She is a  woman who has integrity and respect for herself that can be seen in everything she does. Among the female artist in the music business she is seen as the “model” for all other artist to become. She is a model celebrity for taste and class.

The New Media: Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities in Text

The Digital Humanities showcase human behavior, speech, images, and interaction through digital communication. This includes all of social media. It is the use of digital mediums to get your information out in cyber space. The Guantanamo Bay Public Memorial blog provided an excellent example of Digital Humanities. It has a a balance of photos and information to get to help the reader further absorb the information.The photos of the children were specifically chosen to involve the reader in the experience. The impact you get after seeing the images proves that digital humanities is so important in providing information. Each post could be commented on to further engage the reader and to add another voice to the discussion. The post is not information was not just limited to the blog post because the comments provided more thought and insight.

On the contrary, this blog uses digital media to offer a different prospective on what it is to be at Guantanamo Bay. It gives us the opportunity to get a first hand view of what the average person would see if they were to visit. “Inside Guantanamo Bay, ” an article by Bob Strong on Photographers Blog exemplifies Digital Humanities. It offers the blogger to tell about their experience in Guantanamo Bay. The photographs offer the reader a chance to see Guantanamo first hand. It creates a more personal sharing experience and it gives the reader a better idea of what the  blogger went through. why?

With the access of digital media today we can get an inside look at what life was like as a prisoner of Guantanamo bay. The video below shows you how one survives in an infamous prison.

Using digital media to get to know someone and understand their life is extremely important in broadening your intellectual understanding of the world today. Without using this new form of media, stories like these would be buried in a book on the shelf,lost among the other millions of texts.